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HR Talks #1 (by HRMinfo.eu) with Jan Van Acoleyen, Chief HR Officer of Proximus Group. (NL)

Episode #1 of HR Talks, the podcast of HRMinfo.eu. With Jan Van Acoleyen as guest, the Chief HR Officer of Proximus Group.

Season 1, episode 1
24 min / Published
By bizinfo

Marc Ernst, founder and director of HRMinfo.eu, talks in Dutch for more than 20 minutes with Jan Van Acoleyen, the CHRO of Proximus Group. Proximus is Belgium's largest telecom operator and provider of digital services and communication solutions on the Belgian and international markets.

The following topics, among others, are addressed:

- the elements in the program of the new Belgian government that are relevant for HR (such as increasing the employment rate)

- the Belgian HR Tech providers/market

- the similarity between the blind sailing of virologists and politicians in the corona crisis due to the lack of relevant data and HR professionals who often do the same in their field

HR Talks alternates between Dutch and French. The interviews are invariably about recent developments in HR and current socio-economic topics relevant to HR. The guests are HR professionals (CHRO, HR director/manager, L&D manager, recruitment manager, eHR system/tools manager, HRIS manager...), working in a company, government organisation or non-profit organisation. Sometimes the guest is a CEO / general manager, board member or line manager with an interesting vision on HR and not working for an HR service provider. The podcasts are monthly and last 20 to 25 minutes.

Sponsors: Bright Plus, SD Worx, Quintessence & GoodHabitz
Technical partner: ThePodcastFactory.org

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