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Idioms explained: To each their own

Gain a more concrete understanding of this expression by way of an angaging, inspiring and easy-to-follow story

Season 2, episode 5
13 min / Published

Learn how the acceptance of one's parents can create happiness, contentment and self-love within children.

See how Julian and Jacky learn the value of doing what they love and how chasing your dream ia always super rewarding!

Have fun, while truly making a concrete connection with this expression!


Show notes

To each their own

Heather was a proud expecting mommy. Never had a mother hen felt this much excitement about anything in her life. This chicken was build for motherhood and everyone knew it. There was a slight problem though, the baby was taking it's sweet time to arrive. The egg should've at least had a crack or two by this time.

Heather was way past he due date and to say that she was worried, would have been an understatement. Their doctor was a close friend and made house-calls every other day. “There was no need for panic, Heather”, Doc Davis assured the stressed mom-to-be. However, after hearing this for weeks on end, Heather Hen's belief was wearing thin.

As anxious as everyone was, Heather's hubby Rocky Rooster was as cool as a cucumber. He was a level headed chap that took life in it's stride. When the doctored called on Heather to share some more bad news, it was Rocky who managed to calm his wife down with a joke, a smile and a casual wink of the eye.

One day when Doc Davis half-heartedly made his way to Heather's coop, he heard an earth-shattering scream. Assuming the worst, he ran into Heather's room to see what was amiss. To his pleasant surprise, the egg had cracked and not one but two healthy chicks made their way out of the one egg. Heather's church sisters, praying by her bedside when this miracle occurred, broke out in a spontaneous gospel chorus.

It was a joyous day and these two chicks were the blessing Heather and Rocky never knew they needed. One serious-looking boy, Julian and one sassy girl named Jacky literally brightened up the house in ways nobody expected. Jacky was a little rascal and if anything mischievous was going on, she wouldn't be too far away from the action... Julian on the other hand, was a quiet little perfectionist. He loved cooking and always kept his room (and the entire) hen house tidy & clean as a whistle.



One day Rocky took Julian aside and they spoke for a good few minutes. From a distance one could see that Julian didn't like what he was hearing, but he was a good chick and always did as he was told. The next morning, at the crack of dawn, Julian and Rocky went outside to where Rocky's crow announced the start of a new day. Today though it was Julian's turn and he had to show his dad what he could do. Julian tried his best and gave it all he had, but his crow was nothing more than a screech... Rocky wad devastated, but he didn't show it.

While this was happening outside, Jacky was being introduced to cooking and cleaning inside... She was hopeless, she kept on knocking over the everything she came close to and burning Heather's award-winning, worm stew. Mommy was disappointed and a frustrated, but she too did not let on how she felt.

That night Rocky and Heather spoke about what happened during the day. Heather remarked, “Jacky really has no clue about house work and cooking. She is clumsy and fumbles around like someone who wants to be somewhere else.” If she could only be more like Julian, he knows exactly what to do and when...” Rocky listened to his wife complain and when she had finished he said, “ I know exactly what you mean, dear, Julian is possibly the worst “crower” in the business. The sound is unbearable and there's no feeling in his efforts. Jacky tried it once as joke last week and she was an absolute natural...”

It was at that moment that Rocky and Heather knew they had a HUGE problem, but also the most amazing opportunity. Their kids meant everything to them and they wanted to see them happy. They had a plan and tomorrow they were going to give it a go. Before first light Rocky and Jacky were perched on a roost ready for the break of the day. As that first ray of sunlight hit her face, Jacky let out the most perfectly balanced crow. Rocky was a great crower, but even he had to no words – this was as perfect as he has ever heard!

As Rocky and Jacky walked into the hen house, they couldn't believe theiur eyes. The house was spotless, everything was in it's place and the wonderful aroma of worm stew hung in the air. “Julian did all of this even before I got out of bed”, Heather said with a proud smile beaming on her face... “This is what he was born to do, Rocky!”


Julian and Jacky ran towards one another and hugged like they have never hugged before. They had found what they were good at, and the thing they loved to do most. The best part was, their parents accepted their choices and encouraged them to live their lives the way they felt most comfortable. Their parent couldn't be more proud of their children. They were happy and content. The other chickens and roosters initially found this arrangement funny and somewhat peculiar, but soon this became their new normal too.

Julian went on to become a master chef after perfecting some of Heather’s recipes. He definitely had a knack for cooking and before long started creating unique dishes very successfully. His recipes are the talk of the farm and even the ducks and geese want to know about his secret ingredients. Julian's Creamy Corn Paella, Snail Sushi and Caterpillar Carpaccio were soon the talk of the town!

Jacky was also having the time of her life in her new role as daybreak announcer. She understood that animals wanted to sleep in, especially in the cold winter months. Her crow alone, magnificent as it was, simply was not going to cut the mustard. So she asked her brother to prepare a pot of healthy bug broth for a plan she had. The next morning she belted out her best crow and as soon as she saw a chicken move, she ran over with the broth. Soon getting up at the break of day wasn't as much trouble when accompanied by a delicious cup of bug broth. In the summer months Jacky even got the lazy pigs to do yoga and the cows to give pilatus a go.

Ons one of these great days, Rocky and Heather stood close together admiring their children at work. They saw how well everything worked out and almost forgot how worried they were that first night when they spoke... “We're very lucky, you know”, Heather said beaming of pride. “I know my dear”, Rocky said and hugged her tight. “Who knew that true happiness lies in doing what you love? Each person finds their purpose in different ways, I guess.” Rocky said staring at the cows in the meadow. “Very true, honey, to each their own!”


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