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Jedi Adoption and Outlines

Or, Star Wars Episode 10: The Rise of Jar Jar

Season 1, episode 2
59 min / Published

Or, Star Wars Episode 10: The Rise of Jar Jar.

In this episode, Jillian and Luciana tackle the empire itself. What can they say, they're Jedi Masters. Whiny Luke and his blue milk has nothing on them. Other Star Wars topics include what to do when you find yourself saddled with two magic orphans as well as Jar Jar Binks appreciation. They also discuss the importance of outlines in writing as well as the fanfiction origin story one of them will never escape.

(Note: All writing is valid writing, even if it IS a 200 word self insert Hunger Games fanfiction from 10 years ago. Not that either of us has ever written that)

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Jillian Bevilacqua
Jillian Bevilacqua
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A podcast by Jillian and Luciana
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