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Kelpies Part 1

Season 1, episode 5
53 min / Published

Learn about Kelpies, freshwater spirits that appear often as a gray horse, which may seem friendly initially, but this is simply their tactic used to entice weary travelers or children onto its back and it will accommodate them by growing in order to maximize its prey. Once astride their unfortunate victims become magically stuck and the Kelpie gallops into the water, submerging the riders until they drown... In part one we will discuss a first story, Kelpie origins, first writings, and role in history, their nature as well as physical characteristics and abilities, Kelpie magical characteristics and abilities, their, habitat, homes, and relationship to other faerie folk, and finally Kelpies' relationship to humans and how to find, interact, trap, lure or repel them. (Access Podcast Website at https://www.podcastics.com/podcast/ourveilofsmokeandgoldpodcast/)

Show notes


  • An Encyclopedia of Fairies by Katharine Briggs
  • The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves, and Other Little People by Thomas Keightly
  • The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey
  • Abbey Lubbers Banshees and Boggarts by Katherine Briggs
  • The Fairy Faith In Celtic Countries by Walter Yeeling Evans Wentz
  • “Pictish Symbols” article at lastofthedruids.com
  • “The Kelpies: The Mane Attraction At The Helix” article at visitscotland.com
  • “Let Them Eat Horses” article at silkroadfoundation.org
  • Folklore of Scottish Lochs and Springs by James M. Mackinlay
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them by J.K. Rowling

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