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Kweksons and Answers

Revolutionary/Bass Player/Social Activist

45 min / Published

Disclaimer: The views expressed do not reflect the views of baobulb.org Warning: This episode discusses adult themes and may not be suitable for sensitive listeners.

Keenan aka solarkidd talks to Revolutionary, Bass Player and Social Activist, Geoffrey Kweku Richardson. He talks about coming to England from Ghana in the late 50’s. And so, Kweksons shares his experiences playing bass in bands around the country. And then he gets down to a bit of philosophy, aliens and his love for Star Trek.

The other side of the sun is a podcast from solarkidd (Music Producer/Sound Engineer). In these podcasts Keenan goes on a journey of self discovery. His tastes are eclectic. Ranging from Ancient History to Culture and Music. Further examples include astronomy, language, and ancient alien theories.

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