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Love is a choice | Shades of Red

Humanity | Loved. Created. Fallen. Redeemed. An original GospelSpice series

Season 7, episode 132
18 min / Published

Episode 132 - Love is a choice. What does it mean? Was it God's choice? Is it still His choice for us? was it ours? Do we get to choose to love God? What does it look like?

God created us with a brain and a thirst for knowledge and understanding, and He invites us to use it. Our Christian theology must shape and inform our understanding of oppression and our role in fighting it. Why would we allow a secular worldview to shape our thoughts on this issue when we have access to the timeless wisdom and truth that comes from the Creator from before time began? So, it all begins with understanding God’s plan for adama-humanity.

As Stephanie explains this week, love is by essence relational and decisional: in any relationship, love is a choice. If there is no choice, there cannot be true love. A mother cannot force a child to love her but welcomes the free expression of it. A husband cannot force love from his wife, though he may earn it. A command to love is an oxymoron. Love must be freely given and freely received to earn its name. Therefore, God could not make love mandatory. For love to be a choice, there has to be alternatives. God created us in such a way that we are most ourselves, and most happy, when we love Him. He is the ultimate in all things good and beautiful and lovely and perfect, so His desire that we should love Him is a desire to give us unfettered access to all that is good and beautiful and lovely and perfect—and nothing less. Every time we love something other than God, we settle for something less good, less beautiful, less lovely, less perfect than what we have access to. It’s a self-imposed tragedy we all experience on a daily basis.

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SHADES OF RED is a new original series by GospelSpice Ministries. We ponder humanity as loved, created, fallen and, in Christ, redeemed.

SHADES OF RED brings you a simple theological perspective to understand the consequences of the curse of sin on humanity, followed by a practical approach to step up against the evils of our day, rooted in unity between man and woman. Weaving real-life Bible stories, this series will help you get informed, keep interceding, get involved, and keep influencing our generation. We will also occasionally welcome special guests who share our passion to fight against oppression in all its forms, for example through the fight against human trafficking, or through racial reconciliation, and more.

Go to gospelspice.com for more, and go especially to gospelspice.com/podcast to enjoy our guests! Interested in our blog? Click here: gospelspice.com/blog

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This episode is part of the Shades of Red | Bible Series series
Humanity | Loved. Created. Fallen. Redeemed.
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