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Medical Device School: How to build a Gap Assessment Tool?



On this Bonus Episode of Medical Device School, we talk about Gap Assessment with Stefan Bolleininger.

What do you understand when we say that you should perform a Gap Assessment? Which tools should you use for a Gap Assessment? We will give you our opinion but we really want also to hear from you.

In this episode, Stefan says also that we should not use Excel for a Gap Assessment tool. And that you should not mix Gap Assessment and Project activities.

We will also discuss the General Gap Assessment tools and the fact that your company is unique. So you should always adapt the tools you get to match your company structure. So much said in a few minutes.

On the links below, we propose some general Gap Assessment tools with the collaboration of the Regulatory Globe. Don’t hesitate to check the affiliate link in case you are really looking for something already built for you.

Link to the episode

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