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Michelle Rayburn on In-Laws

In-law relationships can be difficult and full of conflict. But they don't have to be. Michelle Rayburn shares how to be more intentional with in-laws.

40 min / Published

Michelle Rayburn is a mom and a mother-in-law. She shares how working through conflict with her own mother-in-law shaped how she approached relationship with her own daughters-in-law.

Meet our Guest Michelle:

Michelle Rayburn is a freelance writer and podcaster who appreciates how life's difficulties can actually turn out to be opportunities to learn and grow. Michelle has been married to Phil for 31 years and they've successfully launched two sons into adulthood. They enjoy having two daughters-in-love, a granddaughter, and more grandbabies on the way. Michelle is the author of several Christian living books, including "Classic Marriage: Staying in Love as Your Odometer Climbs" and "The Repurposed and Upcycled Life" as well as a great journal for non-journalers that takes you beyond the checklist.

Connect with me and let me hear your thoughts:

Website -  www.thismomknows.com
FB - www.facebook.com/thismomknows
IG - www.instagram.com/thismomknowspodcast

Topics we Discuss:

  • Michelle's background, meeting her husband at church
  • Michelle's journey into writing
  • Initial challenges in her relationship with her mother-in-law
  • The shift in their relationship after her mother-in-law passed away
  • The importance of understanding different love languages
  • Personal experiences as a daughter-in-law
  • Encouraging future sons-in-law to be good husbands
  • Observing changes in holiday traditions with daughters-in-law
  • Open communication with her sons about her relationship with their grandmother
  • Teaching her sons important behaviors in preparation for marriage
  • Not always taking their side in conflicts
  • Meeting a potential future daughter-in-law at church and knowing the parents of your child's significant other
  • The difference in dating and marriage timelines for different children
  • Handling the emotions and expectations of children dating and getting married
  • The importance of open and honest conversations with your children
  • Preparing your heart and family for future sons- or daughters-in-law
  • How priorities shift as children grow up and get married
  • Mending relationships with difficult in-laws through appreciation
  • Boundaries and respecting your spouse's position
  • Transitioning to the in-law role from being a parent
  • Time-saving gadgets like erasable highlighters and smart light bulbs

Resources Mentioned:

Michelle's Books:    

Classic Marriage: Staying in Love as Your Odometer Climbs- https://michellerayburn.com/classicmarriage
The Repurposed and Upcycled Life- https://michellerayburn.com/the-repurposed-and-upcycled-life/
The journal for non-journalers- https://michellerayburn.com/1-2-3-journal/  
Jill Savage’ Empty Nest     https://jillsavage.org/emptynest/
PILOT FriXion Light Erasable Highlighters     https://www.amazon.com/Pilot-Erasable-Highlighters-Assorted-46507/dp/B0027EJ0OY
ilumi Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb     https://www.amazon.com/ilumi-Bluetooth-Smart-Light-Generation/dp/B017WDRD0W

Learn more about retreats at Dragonfly Ministries, or her books The Making of a Dragonfly and Lessons of a Dragonfly.

Mary's favorite gadgets are...her veggie spiralizer and her automatic corkscrew! (I'm not sure the exact one she has, but here is one to get you started)

Link to Show Notes: https://www.thismomknows.com/blog/Michelle-Rayburn

Connect with Michelle: 

Website: http://www.maryetheleckard.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maryetheleckard

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Moms know a lot of things, and when we start talking, ideas form, energy builds, and we take action. This Mom Knows is a place for moms to mompreneurs to find encouragement, connection, and maybe even collaboration but most importantly community with moms who know.  So, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a paper and pencil to jot down an idea or two, and let's discover what This Mom Knows.

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