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Morning Sunrise #2

1 hr / Published
By Ango

Ango (SupaGroovalistic) vous propose son émission, Morning Sunrise, une heure de soul, jazz, folk... pour bien démarrer la journée.

>> comalaradio.com

Playlist :
Vermont - Nordeney
Jaime Roos - Tras Tus Ojos
Steve & Teresa - Catching a Wave
Filho Da Mae - Manta
Simone - Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
Toquinho - Carolina Carol Bela
Sessa - Língua Geral
Fairuz - Aloula
Erykah Badu - Time’s a Wastin
Christie Azumah - Naam
Ballaké Sissoko - Tomora
East of Underground - Smiling Faces
John Lennon - Hold On
Lani Hall - Love Song
Low Leaf - Life Is Peace


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