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Next scream could be yours #6

Secret Service agent's story about PTSD and why you should support Warrior Quest Usa.

20 min / Published November 21, 2020
By Diana

This Saturday I am introducing Samantha Horowitz, author of The silent fall: a secret service agent's story of Tragedy and Triumph after 9/11. I invite you to check out her interview on my post blog or Facebook First Responders 911 Podcast. She is sharing her experience of PTSD and how she got to know what PTSD were in the aftermath of 9/11, where she could escape from the basement, before the fall. I am also announcing the next action I will try on IG to support the Warrior Quest Usa in Orlando, Florida, and giving you some details why I've chosen this no-profit.

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Despite to pain and struggling, trauma's benefits make you creative.

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