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Poem "Next Time" by Karl Tearney - British combat veteran.

It would be ambitious to say that this recording was inspired by Roger Waters and his artwork The Wall.

3 min / Published February 13
By Diana

Poetry reading has been a great form of expression from 50's to 70's in the Western World. Beatnik poets used to travel to Paris and around Europe to seek for their cultural and family roots. Jack Kerouac's Mother was French. Those fellas used to meet in the Shakespeare & co library in Latin Quartier. It was a sacred place for intellectuals and book lovers like me. The place to be. Shop sellers spoke English in the middle of French Capital.  The story says that I saw a phoenix tatoo in this coffee shop, next to the library, and I got a heart designed in my cappuccino. It was one of last visits from an Italian friend, before lock downs and restrictions. My book was half way and written in original language, Italian. That sign, the phoenix, enlightened me. I started to cultivate the idea that my book had to be translated as soon as I could, in English. The story continues......       



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A new lockdown triggered by rising COVID-19 infections has prompted the iconic Paris bookstore Shakespeare and Company to ask the public for assistance, according to an Associated Press report on Friday (Nov. 6).

The publisher of ‚ÄúUlysses‚ÄĚ by James Joyce in 1922, the famous French bookstore ‚ÄĒ which was founded by American ex-patriot Sylvia Beach in 1919 ‚ÄĒ is turning to its customer base to help it survive a second round of coronavirus lockdowns that were enacted in Paris on Oct. 30.

Located along the Seine River, the legendary shop counts numerous famous expatriate authors among its fanbase, including Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, who used the shop as a creative hangout.


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