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Politics, Comedy, a Good Laugh (TRAILER)

The Biden Years Podcast launches this January wherever you get your Podcasts

1 min / Published

A Brand New Podcast to sit, have a laugh, and talk about the crazy world of Politics launches this January. 

As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take office, and Donald Trump makes his way out, we help you understand everything that's going on in the world of US Politics as well as having a laugh and chat with some of your favourite guests.

Whether its Filibustering, the Electoral College, States Rights, or even just the difference between the East and West Wing, we can help answer your questions and shed light on to the craziness that happens every week.


  • Joe Biden
  • Kamala Harris
  • Donald Trump
  • President
  • Whitehouse
  • President Biden
  • Vice President
  • Filibustering
  • Electoral College
  • Election 2020
  • 2020
  • United States
  • Politics
  • Comedy
  • US Politics
  • Senate
  • House
  • States
  • West Wing
  • Laugh
  • New
  • January
The Biden Years
A podcast by Studio O Creative
Simplifying Politics. Reflecting back on the week. Having a Laugh.

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