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Prayer, unlocked: embrace your unique prayer style | with Janet McHenry

Discover your prayer DNA: Navigate your personal path to powerful prayer.

Season 13, episode 271
37 min / Published

Have you ever thought about how your personality affects your prayer life? Today, I welcome a dear personal friend and inspiring author on the show, Janet McHenry. She is releasing a groundbreaking book on the connection between personality and prayer. Get ready for some mind-blowing insights!

Janet reminds us that prayer is not just about getting answers, but about having ACCESS to God. It's about developing a prayer lifestyle, not just having a prayer life. In her book, "Praying Personalities, Finding Your Natural Prayer Style," Janet explores how different personality types connect with prayer.

She looks at generational practices and even considers different learning styles. Janet studied Abraham, Moses, David, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, among others. Their unique prayer styles inspire us to explore and find our own God-given DNA of prayer, so to speak.

Curious about your prayer personality? Janet’s book offers a praying personalities quiz to help you identify your unique style. Are you a problem solver, a friend of God, an organized prayer warrior, or a peace seeker? Let's find out!

Known for her inspiring book, “Prayerwalking,” Janet saw the need to provide alternatives for those who couldn't physically walk. Thus, the idea for "Praying Personalities" was born! Janet McHenry shares her journey and how prayer changes not only situations but also OURSELVES.

Preordering Janet’ McHenry’s book guarantees being the FIRST to receive it! So you can take the praying quiz beforehand and dive straight into discovering your praying personality. Mark your calendars for the release of "Praying Personalities, Finding Your Natural Prayer Style" on February 13th, 2024! Preorder now to ensure you receive this transformative book right on time. Don't miss out!

Prayer is a powerful tool that shapes our lives, and Janet’s new book is a roadmap to unlocking the full potential of your prayer life. Now, it's time for you to explore your own praying personality! Let's go change the world, one prayer at a time!


You should pray in the morning."

"You should write out your prayers."

"You should make prayer lists and pray through them every day."

"You should pray with others or out loud."

 We've all heard the "you shoulds" of prayer from pulpits, presenters, and well-meaning friends. But what do you do when the "right way" to pray feels like a struggle?

When you take the Praying Personality Quiz, you will find out what kind of praying style is most natural for you--based on your God-given personality.

Click here: https://prayingpersonalities.com/


Discover your God-given prayer DNA and the particular way God designed you to connect with Him through prayer!

You should pray in the morning. You should write out your prayers. You should make prayer lists and pray through them every day. You should pray with others or out loud. We've all heard the "you shoulds" of prayer from pulpits, presenters, and well-meaning friends. But when none of these ways to pray feel natural, what's next?

In this book the author helps readers determine their particular praying personality by examining the praying styles of biblical people, spiritual gifts, and various ideas about personality, including the classic temperaments, the Enneagram, and more. McHenry includes scores of bulleted suggestions for developing a praying lifestyle that works for individuals. She has also created a Praying Personality Quiz for readers (available in the book and online) to help narrow down the style that will most naturally fit into how they process a prayer life.

Preorder here: https://prayingpersonalities.com/


1️⃣ Tailor Your Prayers: Janet suggests that prayer is not a one-size-fits-all approach. By understanding your personality type, you can discover a prayer style that resonates with you. Whether you're a problem solver, a friend of God, or a peace seeker, there's a way to pray that feels natural and authentic to you.

2️⃣ Develop a Praying Lifestyle: It's not just about having a prayer life; it's about integrating prayer into every aspect of your life. Janet emphasizes the importance of cultivating a praying lifestyle that goes beyond scheduled prayer times. Find ways to incorporate prayer into your daily routines and activities.

3️⃣ Learn from Biblical Models: Janet's book dives into biblical characters and their prayer styles, providing inspiration and guidance. From Abraham to Esther, each person had a unique approach to prayer. By studying their examples, we can glean wisdom and apply it to our own prayer lives.


Janet McHenry is a national speaker and author of 24 books—including the bestselling PrayerWalk and her most recent, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus. Her business name is Looking Up! because she loves encouraging others to turn to God through a praying lifestyle. Her prayerwalking has been featured in magazines such as Health and Woman’s Day, and she has been interviewed widely about prayer and prayerwalking. A recently retired English teacher and academic advisor, Janet and her husband Craig raised their four children in the Sierra Valley, where she loves walking with her Personal Trainer, Jesus.

Often described as a  life juggler, upon graduation with a degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, Janet McHenry worked as a newspaper reporter and high school English teacher while raising four kids with her high school sweetheart husband Craig (aka The Rancher).

Post-college and post-Army, they settled down in the Sierra Valley in northern California. They raise beef cattle in a county without a single stoplight and love sharing the outdoors with their nine grandchildren.

Janet looks for ways to serve leadership and others when she speaks at retreats and conferences. She also serves as prayer coordinator at The Bridge Church in Reno, on the advisory council of First Place for Health, and on the state leadership team for the National Day of Prayer.

She is a writer, speaker, life and Advanced Writers and Speakers Association Certified Coach as well as the founder of the Sierra Valley Writers Retreat.

She also loves hosting friends new and seasoned at her Sierra Valley Writers Retreats . . . or just for a cup of something yummy. And she looks forward to knowing you better!

Find out more at https://www.janetmchenry.com/


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