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Protests / Civil Unrest / PGA Store

How can we prepare for the unknowns of the future?

Season 2, episode 18
41 min / Published

In this episode of "Not A Good Podcast," hosts PB, Johnny V, and producer J explore a mix of serious and lighthearted topics. The discussion begins with a philosophical query about happiness, setting the tone for a deep dive into various controversial and intriguing subjects. Highlights include a revisit of LA Marzulli's popular interview, insights from Dr. Braveheart on aliens and conspiracy theories, and a critical analysis of protests and the upcoming elections, speculating about possible civil unrest. The hosts also discuss the cultural dynamics in Dearborn, Michigan, promote their book "Chaos in the Coming Election," and share humorous ideas for riot gear. The episode concludes with personal stories about golf mishaps, family traditions, and important father-son conversations. Tune in for a blend of introspection and humor, challenging listeners to ponder their own state of happiness and societal issues.

Show notes

Chapters / Timestamps

Are you happy? (00:00:00) Initial question about happiness.

LA Marzulli's interview (00:00:46) Discussion about the popularity of LA's interview and potential future interviews.

Doctor Braveheart (00:01:16) Conversation about Doctor Braveheart's interests in aliens and conspiracy theories.

Protests and political events (00:02:22) Discussion about protests, political events, and potential civil unrest.

Election year and potential future scenarios (00:09:59) Speculation about the upcoming elections and potential future scenarios, including civil war and political figures.

Signs at protests (00:11:51) Humorous discussion about hypothetical protest signs and controversial topics.

Americans Pro-Terrorism (00:14:27) Discussion on Americans supporting terrorism, with focus on politicians and educators.

Observations on Dearborn, Michigan (00:15:22) Description and opinions about the cultural and religious atmosphere in Dearborn, Michigan.

Infiltration by Islamic Regime (00:17:25) Concerns about the infiltration of the Islamic regime in the United States, focusing on schools and colleges.

Promotion of Book (00:20:06) Discussion about a book authored by the speakers, including its content and availability on Kindle.

Excerpt from the Book (00:21:21) Reading of an excerpt from the book "Chaos in the Coming Election," with a focus on its purpose and target audience.

Ideas for the Book (00:25:09) Humorous ideas for a "riot bag" to blend in during a riot, including unconventional items like glitter and face masks.

Promotion and Support (00:26:49) Request for support and promotion of the speakers' work, emphasizing the absence of advertising and reliance on word of mouth.

Psalm 85 and National Restoration (00:27:25) Discussion about the relevance of Psalm 85 to the current state of the US and the need for national restoration.

Conservative Family Moving to Russia (00:30:24) Anecdote about a conservative family moving to Russia to escape LGBTQ issues in the US and their subsequent challenges.

Golf Mishaps and Equipment (00:32:27) Conversation about golfing experiences, changing grips, and a comical mishap with a golf club at a store.

Fatherhood and Family Golf Tradition (00:38:30) Reflections on fatherhood, family golf outings, and efforts to be good dads.

Seven Questions for Dads (00:40:07) Mention of a video discussing seven important questions to ask one's father before it's too late.

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