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Relaunching a network, inside the studio upgrades at Bally Sports

Laura Mickelson of Bally Sports joins to discuss the rebranding and studio upgrades at the network's stations.

16 min / Published March 31

After 25 years under the Fox banner, 19 regional sports networks have rebranded as Bally Sports.

This change is more than a new logo and name for the sports channels, which Sinclair Broadcast Group acquired in 2019. The updates span eight existing studios and two new build-outs with 500 new pieces of on-set artwork and 64 updated desks.

In this week's Broadcast Exchange, we speak with Laura Mickelson, VP, production, Bally Sports Networks, about the rebranding effort, which spanned multiple teams of designers, fabricators and studio technicians. 

Transcript at broadcastexchange.show.

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