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Reporting Accounts news from Friday 15th January 2021

1 min / Published

In today's podcast Adrian Lawrence talks about an interesting news story this week. Pimlico Plumbers have announced that they will only employee new starters who have had a Covid Vaccine, and existing employees and subcontractors can only continue to work for them if they agree to have the vaccine.

This raises a number of HR questions and points, someone with less than two years of service can be dismissed for more or less any reason, but an employee with more than two years service can object for example if they are pregnant or have valid medical reasons not to have a vaccine, or religious objections.

It will be interesting to see if more companies follow the lead of Pimlico Plumbers and maybe even we won't be able to travel abroad without proof of having receipted a vaccine.

You can find more information on Pimlico Plumbers within the reportingaccounts database.


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