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Rhythms of authentic worship | with Joshua Aaron

Season 13, episode 275
52 min / Published

I am beyond thrilled to welcome special guest Joshua Aaron who invites us on a journey through the heart of worship, deep family stories, and living out faith in the midst of conflict. Joshua emphasizes the need to slow down and truly focus on worshipping God in Spirit and truth.

From heart-wrenching family stories to personal faith journeys, Joshua Aaron shares his rich family history, including his grandmother's escape from the Holocaust, and her struggle with Christianity when her own daughter, Joshua’ mother, decided to trust Yeshua. It's a deeply touching and thought-provoking moment.

Joshua Aaron's deep passion for worship is truly inspiring. He is passionate to share the love of God through music, and his dedication to Gather the Nations, a worship conference aiming to unite people from various backgrounds and cultures. He's a true ambassador of love and unity in Yeshua!

Joshua Aaron began by emphasizing the necessity of slowing down the pace of worship and focusing on the primary goal of worshipping God in spirit and truth. He expressed his concerns about the overwhelming emphasis on new songs and the commercialization of worship, fearing that it might lead to a loss of focus on the true purpose of worship. This thought-provoking insight invites us to reevaluate our approach to worship and emphasizes the importance of centering our worship on God's essence.

The conversation pivoted to the mix of old and new songs in worship, highlighting the importance of connecting the past and present in worship. Joshua shared a personal experience of being deeply moved by an old hymn and questioned the unremitting need for the constant production of new songs. It's a poignant reminder of the timeless beauty and depth of traditional hymns, and the need to integrate them with contemporary expressions of worship. Should we be seeking again the depth and understanding from the hymns of old? He shares concern about the industry of worship and the rush for new songs, questioning whether it takes away from the true purpose of worship. Can you relate? Have you ever felt that some worship songs are just missing the mark? Joshua expresses the value of seeking God in Scripture and worship, and cautions against self-centered worship songs. I agree with him on his personal preference for the mix of old and new songs in worship, stressing the importance of connecting past and present in our worship.

Finally, Joshua invited us to enter the emotional strain of living in a conflict zone, recounting the challenges faced by his family in Israel. The personal anecdotes of his daughter serving in the IDF and his poignant recollection of an intense moment before a war broke out offer a glimpse into the emotional turmoil experienced by families living in areas of conflict. It serves as a reminder of the resilience and faith required to navigate such challenging circumstances, and the crucial support for families and individuals living amidst conflict. Our prayers go out to Israel and the people of Gaza in this conflict.

The conversation wraps up with heartfelt prayers for Joshua Aaron's family and a moving moment where he blesses the audience. His touching presence and dedication to serving God are truly awe-inspiring.

Profound, worshipful, heartwarming, and deeply thought-provoking. That’s how I would describe this conversation. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have!


Joshua Aaron is an award-winning American-Israeli independent singer and songwriter recently listed as one of the Jewish Global 100 influencers. He resides near the Sea of Galilee with his wife Jeannie, and their 5 children, their eldest child now serving in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

Joshua is the founder of "Gather the Nations", an international non-profit hosting an annual conference, music outreach, and music mentorship program. Since 2009 he's hosted an annual Worship in Israel tour, bringing cohorts of believers on an unforgettable journey to the Holy Land, from Jerusalem to his backyard, the Galilee.

His music, sung in English and Hebrew, blends a wide array of sounds including traditional Jewish genres reaching millions of listeners of all nations, and languages.


The Blessing in Hebrew by Joshua Aaron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzqrWae5lK4

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