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Roman Slavery Part 1

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Twitter: Seth4Nerds Contact@historyuncensoredpod.com Facebook: Uncensored Podcast Network A few things before we start.   Trouble with sources   Digging deep   It’s no fun being a slave. And it’s not just the work  But knowing that you’re a slave and that nothing can change it.  Slave character in Plautus, Amphitryo c. 200 B.C.1   I also want to really emphasize slavery as a theory and practice, these will be important concepts to understanding slavery as we continue down the path. Some of these concepts will probably be hard to listen to, I get that. These concepts the difficult, the morbid, the disgusting facts are a part of history and life today. I will be getting to modern slavery at a much later time, but this stroll down history lane has an endpoint. We will finish the history of slavery and talk about slave theory in modern times and I want every listener to be prepared for the bombs I will drop and how they might affect your life and the way you think about how modern society is run. The topics that are on this show I have tried to pick because I want you as well as myself to better understand the incessant problems we face today. Such as Slavery, Climate crisis, the Constitution, Male privilege, Western Ideological Privilege etc.    Slavery is an economic and social problem, it is often written by the slaver. It is sometimes very difficult to get proper evidence on what it may have been like to be a slave or part of the slave system because of this.    The one thing to remember is that slaves were people, I will be discussing them as property quite frequently. Know that in my heart of hearts I do not mean this an injustice and only do it for historical decorum. Slaves were people and they had dreams and aspirations. They felt, betrayal, love, spite, hatred, happiness and every other emotion. There are still slaves today, there are still people with no visceral rights within their own society. That is the reason I do this, so we can remember their stories and try and understand the gruesome nature of human consciousness and it’s needed for power and subversion. The same story has played out millions of times in history, to better understand today we need a realistic comprehension of the atrocities committed yesterday.   When I say one slave society was better than another because of x, understand that no slave society was good. The literal owning of human property is appalling to a degree that should require no explanation. I hope that you as a listener follow me down this path of knowledge and understand that I do so out of as pure of heart and mind as possible. What I say hurts me sometimes, it hurts to talk about this shit.    Know I will also be talking quite extensively in an episode of women's rights in Rome and what that meant for the future of women in western society. That talk is for a future date, for now, let us instead focus on the brutal reality that was ancient Rome for a non-manumitted slave.   Roman Slavery: A Study of Roman Society and Its Dependence on  Slaves   Andrew Burks   Little is known about the origins of slavery in Rome. However, it was common in ancient societies to keep slaves.  The likely origin of Rome as a small village, or collection of villages, lends itself easily to early slavery. It would not have been uncommon for even a small village to maintain a few slaves; captured from another local village or perhaps bought through trade.  However, there are a few references to slavery before the third century BC, and those speak of small-scale slavery. Only the extremely rich could afford these slaves, and even then, they could only afford a few slaves.     In 225 B.C., there were an estimated 600,000 slaves in Roman Italy, but only 194 years later that number grew to approximately two million.  This included growth from 15% to  35% of the total population.3  These numbers reveal the extent of the institution of slavery in Roman society.  In a study of Roman tombstones, nearly three times --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/seth-michels66/support

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