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Row Hotel / Immigration Crisis / Darien Gap

Uncovering the Truth: Inside the Row NYC Hotel Controversy

Season 2, episode 8
44 min / Published

In this podcast episode, Johnny V, PB & Producer J from "NAG News" calls the Row NYC hotel to make a reservation but learns the hotel is fully booked for months. The conversation pivots to allegations that the hotel is housing illegal immigrants, which raises concerns about the use of taxpayer money and the neglect of American citizens, including veterans, who are homeless. The episode also touches on the migrant crisis, specifically mentioning Chinese immigrants in the Darien Gap and the display of American flags at their camp, while questioning the motives of an international organization involved. They convey frustration and skepticism regarding the border situation and political decisions.

Show notes

Chapters / timestamps

The reservation call (00:01:21)
Johnny Villanova from NAG News attempts to make a reservation but is informed the hotel is not taking reservations.

The impact of housing illegal immigrants (00:02:13)
Discussion of the hotel's alleged housing of illegal immigrants and the impact on American citizens.

Reading hotel reviews (00:07:32)
The speakers discuss reviews of the hotel and the broader topic of the migrant crisis at the border.

The Darien Gap in Panama (00:12:11)
Discussion of the Darien Gap in Panama and the presence of Chinese camps.

The migrant crisis (00:14:58)
Discussion on the use of social media and maps to guide migrants through the Darien Gap and into the US.

Migrant routes and transportation (00:16:19)
Details on the migrant path across Panama and Costa Rica, including bus routes and train tracks.

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (00:19:10)
Explanation of the goals and plans for mass migration presented in the 2030 agenda.

Encouragement of migration (00:20:28)
Discussion on the facilitation and encouragement of illegal migration, including the distribution of maps and care packages.

National security threat (00:21:13)
Concerns about the national security threat posed by the presence of Chinese migrants and the potential for political demographic change.

New Age religion and spiritual beings (00:23:38)
Conversation about Gaia, a spiritual universalist platform, and the increasing focus on aliens and spiritual beings.

California's lost state and political figures (00:27:16)
Discussion on the challenges faced by Christians in California and the potential political influence of figures like Nikki Haley.

Conservative political scenario (00:28:48)
Concerns about the lack of conservative options and the potential influence of Nikki Haley in the political landscape.

Please note that the timestamps provided are approximate and may vary slightly based on the specific podcast episode.

Trump's Presidential Run (00:29:09)
Discussion about writing in producer jay as the next president if Trump is unable to run in 2024.

Cutting Internet (00:29:28)
Humorous conversation about the first executive orders, including cutting off the internet.

Discussion on UFOs and Aliens (00:30:33)
Conversation about UFO sightings, alien encounters, and conspiracy theories related to George H.W. Bush and JFK's assassination.

Human Trafficking and UAPs (00:32:38)
Discussion about a whistleblower's account of witnessing human trafficking and a secret black operation involving UFOs.

Music Manipulation (00:33:54)
A brief statement on the use of music as a manipulator in interviews.

Child Abduction and Trafficking (00:35:33)
Conversation about the alarming rate of missing children in the United States and the government's inaction.

Spiritual and Evil Forces (00:40:08)
Discussion on the dangers of allowing children to roam freely in today's world and the presence of evil forces.

Personal Anecdotes (00:41:38)
Personal stories of getting lost and encountering potential dangers in public places.

Subway Memory (00:43:06)
Speaker 9 recalls a childhood memory of a crowded subway and a comment from their mother.

Light Episode Promise (00:43:32)
Speaker 8 mentions having a lighter episode next time.

Podcast Sign-off (00:43:46)
Speakers sign off, reminding listeners to follow and join them next time.

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Johnny V
Johnny V
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