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S2E11 - What is thrombin generation?

Presented by Audrey Carlo and Cécile Hourquet // Special guest Marisa Ninivaggi, research project leader at Synapse research institute

Season 2, episode 11
9 min / Published
By Stago

Welcome to Ask Stago, the podcast dedicated to provide expert answers to your expert questions in haemostasis. 

In today episode, our expert Marisa Ninivaggi, research project leader at Synapse research institute, will explain us what is thrombin generation. 

As usual, don’t forget to send any question you may have to Ask@stago.com, we will be glad to answer to it. 

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Content is scientific and technical in nature. It is intended as an educational tool for laboratory professionals and topics discussed are not intended as recommendations or as commentary on appropriate clinical practice. 

  • coagulation
  • hemostasis
  • thrombin generation
  • global assay
  • clinical application
  • thrombosis
  • bleeding
  • ask stago
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Cecile Hourquet
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