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SEE - Samantha Fey - Power Up As The Enlightened Empath You Were Designed To Be

Samantha Fey - Power Up As The Enlightened Empath You Were Designed To Be

Episode 102
1 hr / Published

I was so excited to have this guest on the Self Empowered Empath segment. Unfortunately Lisa was unable to be with me on this episode but I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to Samantha fey, an intuitive for over 15 years, as well as a self professed empath. She is the host of two podcasts – Psychic teachers and Enlightened empaths and her mission is to teach people to embrace their true gifts and to help people see their connection to spirit. In today’s episode, I spoke to Samantha about what being an empath is all about and how we can harness this gift instead of constantly seeing it as a curse. Samantha has just written a book “The Awake Dreamer” and so we briefly discussed the journey our soul takes as we dream.

1.     What empaths are and some signs that you may be an empath;

2.     Why empaths are often targeted by narcissists and energy vampires;

3.     How empathic mothers and fathers can set appropriate boundaries and nurture their own children's 'beingness';

4.     The power of experiencing the 'dark night of the soul' and dealing with the shadows;

5.     The importance of self care for empaths and learning to say no;

6.     Why cord cutting is so beneficial when it comes to healing;

7.     How our soul takes it's own incredible journey throughout our sleep time (according to her new book "The Awake Dreamer"); and

8      So much more...

Samantha's Website: http://www.samanthafey.com

Podcast Episode Page: https://www.superconscioussuccess.com/samanthafey.com


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This episode is part of the The Self Empowered Empath (Published Sundays) series
Becoming an empowered empath by setting boundaries and managing your energy...
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