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Self Sabotage?

The debut episode of The Messy and The Creative, a podcast for imperfect people desiring to birth something new.

Season 1, episode 1
29 min / Published


"We self-sabotage every time we feel guilty for saying what we want, every time we shrink back from demanding respect, every time we allow the narcissist to take advantage of us physically and manipulate us mentally, every time we are afraid to say no, every time we are afraid to say yes to things that have the capacity to lift us up, every time we decide to believe the lie instead of walking free in truth, every time we deny who we are just to fit in… we self-sabotage." 

Excerpted from my blog - 40 Ways we Practice Self Sabotage and How to LOVE ourselves through it

Welcome to this Christmas Day 2021 debut episode... a preview of what's to come.


Stream my podcast featured single entitled - Self Sabotage? - BRAND NEW SINGLE - MAKE SURE TO COMMENT and SHARE




About Dr. Joy:

Dr. Joy Well, mental health clinician, confidence catalyst, professor, and avid researcher is one of the quintessential experts on the connection between the mind, body, and immune system. Her doctoral work explored the experiences of women of color living with autoimmune diseases and how they function and experience the medical community and beyond. Once a shy, small-town girl with big dreams, Joy has found peace and purpose working with women of all ages to develop a fierce, faith-filled identity, personally and professionally. She is a mental health professional, advocate and entrepreneur.  In her spare time, she enjoys music, movies and getting into mischief with friends. You can find Dr. Joy on Instagram and Twitter @captivatingjoy.

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  • sabotage
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  • imperfection
  • procrastination
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Show notes

We are just getting started! Stream my podcast featured single entitled - Self Sabotage? - BRAND NEW SINGLE - MAKE SURE TO COMMENT and SHARE

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The Messy and the Creative with Dr. Joy Well
A podcast by Supersonic Soul Joy
A podcast for the imperfect people searching for meaning outside of the hustle culture and desiring to give birth to something new.
Episode comments

The Messy and the Creative. Wow. I am definitely messy haha. But really, it is both a shame and unfortunate how late I am to hear this masterpiece. For everyone reading and listening, I have known @drjoywell aka @djshineyorchid for years. I have always seen her artistic brilliance but this creation I must say tops all. Until Joy began speaking out about the tragedy of self sabotage I never really saw just how many of us suffer from it nor did I realize how self sabotage can sound like a friendly voice when in actuality it is a lie that keeps us stuck in place. @drjoywell this podcast is a masterpiece and every time I hear “self sabotage?” It always makes me emotional because of the years where I believed that I did not hustle enough, did not work hard enough… was just never enough. That’s not living! So thank you for shining (haha shiny orchid) a light on self sabotage and giving us encouragement and a comforting place to just be ourselves through your thoughts, music, artistry and words. I believe this podcast is going to transform peoples 2022, we need this! 

Love you Girl!! You better keep using all of those creative-messy juices 😊💪🏾💜



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