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Sharing your faith is simpler and less stressful than you might think! | with Shauna Pilgreen

Translating Jesus in a language today's culture can understand

Season 13, episode 261
48 min / Published

Stephanie here! I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Shauna Pilgreen, co-leader of EPIC Church in San Francisco and author of the powerful book "Translating Jesus." Shauna Pilgreen shares her background, experiences in San Francisco, and her insights on approaching evangelism in fresh, relatable ways. The episode also touches on the dynamics of holiday gatherings and the importance of sharing personal stories of faith, empathy, and understanding.

We delved into the challenges of sharing faith in today's culture and the concept of being "bilingual" in understanding both our current culture and the culture of scripture and faith.

Navigating holiday gatherings with diverse beliefs was a pivotal part of our discussion, emphasizing the importance of sharing and listening to personal faith stories at the table. Shauna's insights on becoming "bilingual" in evangelism and the global relevance of translating Jesus for all people in different contexts left me truly inspired.

We highlighted the transformative power of listening in ministry and the need for Christians to remain culturally relevant while rooted in their faith. We also talked about how the Alpha course is transforming lives and providing non-threatening ways to share Christ and understand faith in today's world.

Our conversation culminated with focusing on believers' faith, those uncertain about faith, and encouragement to be a light during the holiday season. I can't stress enough the value of Shauna's book "Translating Jesus." It's a must-read! Shauna Pilgreen's wisdom and essential book are celebrated, and I'm excited to see the impact of becoming bilingual in sharing Christ's love for all. What an enriching discussion!

We invite you to tune in and gain wisdom from Shauna Pilgreen's experiences and insights. Be inspired to engage with others and share Christ's love and truth in creative, culturally relevant ways.

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Key Takeaways:

- Becoming Bilingual in Sharing the Gospel: we emphasize the importance of understanding both the language of culture and the language of Scripture to effectively share Jesus with diverse audiences.

- The Power of Listening in Ministry: We pondered the countercultural nature of genuinely listening to others before offering answers or advice, recognizing the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in the process.

- Engaging with the Changing Culture: Our discussion underscored the need for Christians to be culturally relevant while remaining rooted in their faith, emphasizing the relevance of translating Jesus for all people in different contexts.



Hi there! I’m Shauna and I’m so glad you stopped by. You being here matters to me. 

Chances are we know each other. But then again, some of you are new to me and me to you. I dwell in San Francisco. Not because I was born here or went to school here, but because my family and I said yes to the call of God to start a church here. It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done. We had to make new friends (though we love our old ones). We moved far from family (nothing personal). We had no guarantee. We paid high rent. We brought three kids with us. And with all that was hard and scary and unknown, we believed God was in this and with us. The risk was worth it. And still is! 

Do you know why you are where you are? 

Can you see God’s purpose for you where you live? 

Wherever you live, wherever you are on the faith journey, I am discovering right alongside you how to weave together faith and culture. I am sharing my findings in my blog posts, each page you click is full of purpose – all so that you can pick up the story God is writing for your life and live it out too!

for me, my roots can be found in texas, georgia, louisiana, alabama, missouri, and california. there’s no mistake on my journey, that if i’ve lived there, i made “home” as quick as possible to feel settled and sane. i’ve tried to leave a part of me in each place as my roots are uprooted, a part of me that left impact. though not always the story. each home contributes to the next home. suburbia feels normal until city living becomes the new normal. 

wherever you live...

wherever you are on the faith journey...

i am discovering right along with you how to weave together faith and home. I am sharing my story with each post, each page full of purpose and influence -- all so that you will pick up the story God is writing for your life and live it out too!


1. How does Shauna Pilgreen characterize the changing dynamics of evangelism in today's culture? How do you see this playing out in your own context?

2. What are some practical, foolproof ways you can think of to share Jesus with the current culture, especially during the holiday season?

3. What are some insights you gained from Shauna Pilgreen's discussion about the concept of being bilingual in understanding both the culture we live in and the culture of scripture and faith?

4. How have you seen the word "evangelism" misused or overused? What fresh approaches to evangelism have you found effective, and how could you implement them over the holidays?

5. What are some practical ways to engage in conversations with people of different beliefs during the holidays, while still showing empathy and understanding?

6. How can you relate to the importance of sharing and listening to personal stories of faith at the holiday table? What are some ways you could incorporate this into your own holiday gatherings?

7. What was your biggest takeaway from the discussion about engaging with people who don't have faith in Jesus and the importance of prayer for non-believers?

8. How can you apply the concept of looking at non-believers from Jesus's perspective and having hope that Jesus can draw them to himself, even despite their resistance, in your own interactions over the holidays?

9. What struck you about Shauna Pilgreen's emphasis on humility, service, and the importance of engaging in meaningful conversations over the holidays? How could you practice this in your own interactions?

10. How do you plan to approach the ideas of engaging in conversations with non-believers and giving the gift of time during the holiday season? Can you think of specific ways to implement these ideas in your own life?

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