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Signs and Synchronicities

“Sometimes I just look up, smile and say ‘I know that was you’” - Unknown

Season 1, episode 18
28 min / Published

On this week's episode, Sheree discusses messages from your departed loved ones. Signs, synchronicity, and trust are the words of the week. After your loved ones have passed on, the discussion does not end. And often, you don't need a medium to hear them. Signs come to us in many ways and Sheree is here to help you understand where to look and how to hear them. Trust your instinct, be open to their messages, and remember, those you love are always with you.

Show notes

Healing Guidance


Dreams - Our most common and powerful experience to have with our departed loved ones is through a dream.  You will know it was real because it will feel real.  You’ll wake and wonder if it really happened or if it was a dream.  

Other ways our departed loved ones communicate:  Animals/Insects - not just living, but in pictures, statues, tattoos, etc., Thoughts -infusing their way of thinking (just like they used to say), memories, ideas, etc., Sounds - hearing their low voice, the song you shared or dedicated to them, the clanging of jewelry they wore, pots and pans in the kitchen or banding of tools in the garage just like they would do., Smells - perfume, cigar/pipe smoke, baked goods., Feelings - the goosebumps/hair standing on end feeling, the feel of their love surrounding you.

Synchronicity and Timing - This is a powerful validation of the signs they send to you.  It is not a random symbol, sound, smell, thought, if it happened when you thought, spoke, or found something of your loved one.  Or something that repeats over and over again triggering the same loving feeling or memory of them.  It’s all in divine timing.

TRUST your feelings - It always comes down to trust.  Trust the first instinct before the brain automatically begins to rationalize the experience.  It can always be rationalized, but the initial emotion is the truest part.  If you felt you were just visited by your departed loved one, trust that.  It was a blessing they created for you.


"Connecting with our departed loved ones is not rational because it is not the brain that can make the connection.  It is through our emotions we are forever linked. And it is there we continue our relationship.”   - My Guides


“Sometimes I just look up, smile and say ‘I know that was You’” - Unknown

Thank you for listening.  May you take with you what feels right for you and leave what doesn’t.  


With love and gratitude I wish you healing and light.  Until next time, take care of yourself.


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