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Skip Hernandez Pt. 1 / Nephilim Blood / VP Picks

Preparing for the End Times: Understanding Biblical Prophecy and the Holy Spirit's Role

Season 2, episode 19
47 min / Published

In this podcast episode, PB, Johnny V, Producer J, and Skip Hernandez explore a medley of topics including the nearing milestone of 33 hrs of podcasting, a road trip from Miami to Minnesota, and paranormal phenomena. They delve into political discourse, discussing the media's portrayal of events and Trumps VP picks: Vivek Ramaswamy's. The conversation takes a spiritual turn, examining the implications of Nephilim blood, salvation, and the importance of ancient scriptures like the Talmud. They also appreciate the value of rare books, such as leather-bound first editions and the Pennyroyal Bible. The episode concludes with a focus on the biblical narrative's relevance to current events, the role of the Holy Spirit in end times, and the portrayal of biblical themes in films and documentaries.

Show notes

Chapters / Timestamps

Podcast Episode Milestones (00:00:26)
Discussion about the number of podcast episodes and hours spent recording.

Planning a Road Trip (00:01:26)
Ideas for using podcast episodes during a road trip from Miami to Minnesota.

Introducing Skip Hernandez (00:02:41)
Skip Hernandez joins the conversation and discusses podcast intro music speed.

Paranormal and Supernatural Research (00:04:23)
Skip Hernandez's deep research into paranormal and supernatural topics, including books and knowledge.

Discussion on Political Figures (00:06:20)
Conversations about a political figure's appearance and behavior.

Potential Replacement of a Political Figure (00:08:03)
Speculation on the potential replacement of a political figure and its impact.

Media Coverage of Political Events (00:09:54)
Observations on media coverage and reactions to a political rally in the Bronx.

Opinions on Political Figures (00:11:28)
Criticisms and opinions on political figures and their trustworthiness.

Vivek Ramaswamy's Involvement in Court Cases (00:11:58)
Discussion about Vivek Ramaswamy's involvement in court cases and potential future roles.

First Lady's Role (00:12:56)
Discussion about the role of the First Lady and the expectations of involvement in policy-making.

Potential Cabinet Members (00:13:59)
Speculation about potential cabinet members and the desire to see right-wing personalities in Trump's cabinet.

Dirty Politics (00:14:53)
Conversation about the dirty nature of politics and the experiences of individuals involved in politics.

Allegations and Blackmail (00:15:25)
Discussion about allegations and blackmail involving political figures such as Matt Gaetz and Eric Swalwell.

Speaker of the House (00:16:36)
Conversation about the Speaker of the House and the potential for blackmail and pressure in political positions.

Political Tensions (00:17:47)
Reflection on the current political climate and concerns about potential unrest and violence.

Border Issues (00:20:18)
Concerns about the ease of crossing the US border and the diversity of individuals entering the country, including discussions about Chechens and Ukrainians.

Identity and Ancestry (00:23:01)
Conversation about identity and ancestry, including claims about the people of Ukraine and their connection to Jewish roots.

The Talmud (00:25:21)
Discussion of the Talmud, its content, and its historical context.

Nephilim and Giants (00:26:51)
Exploration of the Talmud's mention of giants and the debate on Nephilim blood and salvation.

Nephilim Behavior (00:31:24)
Speculation on identifying Nephilim and their behavior.

Historical Bibles (00:34:18)
Conversation about rare and historical editions of the Bible and their significance.

Marzullo Interview (00:36:22)
Reflection on an interview with Marzullo, including personal aspects and the credibility of his work.

The biblical narrative and spiritual aspect (00:37:42)
Discussion on the importance of understanding the biblical narrative and spiritual aspects of unfolding events.

Deception and falling away (00:38:46)
Exploration of the potential impact of a major event on the Christian demographic and the concept of falling away.

The role of the Holy Spirit in the end times (00:40:21)
Explanation of the role of the Holy Spirit in the end times, including saving and sealing individuals and speaking the truth of the gospel.

The left behind series and understanding of end times (00:41:19)
Reflection on the left behind series and evolving understanding of eschatology.

Rapture documentary and deception (00:44:30)
Discussion on a rapture documentary and the concept of deception related to the rapture.

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