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Soul Blueprint Reading for a Purposeful Life

Season 2, episode 2
58 min / Published

Janel connects with Michelle Fernandes: an intuitive  trauma informed life coach. She helps people

with the primary areas of their life like health, relationships and wealth. Michelle works with her clients to allow them to ascend and open the superconscious as well so that they are connected to the unified field. She also uses Soul Blueprint Reading to illuminate people’s paths and allow each of them to connect to their purpose and mission on earth. 

 Michelle shares how her journey to healing her own depression and asthma led her to discover her purpose as a healer through soul blueprint reading, a six-pointed star that helps to give the most favorable names to people. She talks about the importance of healing the nervous system, and the challenges of healing the wounds of rejection and abandonment.

Janel and Michelle discuss how trauma can become a part of one's identity and how it is essential to take responsibility for one's life experiences to heal. Michelle shares that she creates sacred containers for her clients to feel their way through trauma and emphasizes the importance of subconscious work in clearing pathways and opening up to purpose work.

Michelle emphasizes that working on oneself stops triggering and causing pain, clears pathways, and opens one up to purpose work. She works with clients through right-brain activities, helping them to feel their way through the trauma and sending heavy dense energies to a place of evolution or dissolution.


Follow Michelle on Facebook: Michelle Fernandes

Learn about Michelle’s services at: www.michellefernandes.love

Contact her at: michelle@michellefernandes.love


To connect with Janel visit: https://www.janelmulligan.com/

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Show notes

1:16 - Michelle tells the story of how she came to be a healer 

3:52 - What Soul Blueprint Reading is and where it comes from 

6:37 - About how many people’s mid-life crises can actually be seen in the Soul Blueprint layout 

14:09 - Michelle explains how some wounds to the soul (even big ones) can be healed relatively easily, but rejection is very stubborn 

23:11 - Janel asks Michelle to explain the 12-week program she offers for clients 

31:52 - What Michelle’s clients can expect to get out of her 12-week program 

34:05 - Discussion of the powerful connection that is created when a person has developed their energy to ascend to the crown chakra. Michelle tells a personal story of a particularly powerful and accurate message that woke her out of a deep sleep 

39:34 - Janel talks about how challenging it can be to learn to trust intuitive downloads 

51:03 - Michelle talks about how important good nutrition is for soul healing, but to approach it without self-judgment 

53:22 - Healing can be a much easier experience if one seeks the help of a coach who can guide them through the process

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