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SS #004: The Liquor Store Sessions with Collin Akers (aka Rybbon)

Collin's first podcast in which we promote his first debut live show, 3/3/23 @ the Hub in Concrete, WA

56 min / Published

Collin and I sit down and talk about his music career. You'd think it'd be a short conversation given his age (he just turned 16), but no, he has been recording music consistently for over three years. On Friday, March 3rd, Collin is opening for a popular Skagit Valley trio named Pretty Much Nothing at the historic Hub Tavern. The Hub is famous for having a rich and colorful history (100 years worth of stories) and will now be the site of the debut show featuring Rybbon (Colin's musician moniker). Teenagers are welcomed and encouraged to show up and support one of their own. My hope is that Collin will inspire other young musicians to step out of their comfort zone and try something new like he is doing. I loved our chat and we could have probably chatted for another two hours. Check out his work on Spotify here:

And check out his video "Space" by Dubs 101 too. But don't look at Collin's short hair. Please.

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