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SS #007: Silly Times with Olive

Olive is my 10 year old daughter and she's ridiculous

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I met Olive almost 11 years ago in Bellevue, WA. Ever since we met, we've been Bffs. In the past, I've heard mothers say that their daughters are their best friends, and I used to think, "Well, that's lame." BUT I get it now. I'd rather hang out with Olive than anyone else. She makes me laugh, think and appreciate life. We mention some things in here that sound like a lie, but they're true: Olive's published two books and has finished a half marathon. She loves music as much as I do, and our favorite time of the week is Monday mornings when we can listen to our new Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. When she can, she loves to read lyrics and sing along. She made a playlist of her favorite tunes that you can find here. Listen at your own risk, it's not full of kid songs.

You can find her books (and our merch) here:

A few clarifications:

- She doesn't have a show at the Hub on Friday March 3rd. Collin Akers (of Episode 4) does though. He is headlining for a killer new Concrete band called Pretty Much Nothing . It's an all ages show so if you have a teenager in the Valley,  you should definitely bring them up to the Hub on Main Street. Olive and I will be there to support Collin and the guys from PMN (Spencer, Miguel and Gibson).

- Olive's 2021 half marathon results

- I will record an episode with Gwyn Akers at some point. She is mentioned a few times in this episode and she's the only other kid that I think is cooler than Olive.

- We mention the Mount Baker Ultra in this episode. I am the co-street director for the race (in charge of feeding Dan and helping out with random spur of the moment problems) and you can be part of history too by registering for the race, or volunteering for it. Check out the IG page, or register here. There is a cap on the number of runners, and it's tough to find lodging, so I highly recommend signing up soon. I live 20 mins away from the starting line, so my property is available if you need to camp (or, we now have 3 couches!).

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