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SS #009: The Apartment Sessions with Casie Jo the Rodeo Queen

Episode 2 in the series called, "Get to know your Hub bartenders"

58 min / Published

The Apartment Series continues with this epic journey through the life and times of Casie Jo, your favorite bartender at the Hub on Friday and Saturday nights. You will not believe the life she has lived in her 28 short years on this planet.  My hope is that you will listen to this episode and lovingly guide / push / encourage your kids to do something... anything. They don't have to be beauty queens, rodeo queens, 4H superstars, dog sledders or successful MMA fighters, but they have to do something and do it long enough to make a difference. Most of the episode is just me in awe of her crazy back story and us laughing. Are there times in the podcast when you feel like you're missing out on some information? My editing skills are subpar and some of the jokes are only for an audience of two (The guest and I).

Casie's daughter is a fan of The Pickle, Olive's first published children's book. It's available at the Hub, or you can order it online here.

A humorous story about Jack Mattingly was cut out, but if you're reading this before Friday, March 17th, he has a show at the Hub on St. Patrick's Day. If I know Jack, he'll provide some pretty silly entertainment for all who show up. If you're curious about any other event at the Hub, check out their Facebook page.

Shout out to some fans who have given me feedback on these episodes so far and seem to enjoy them (Todd, Cousin Teddy, my Dad)! I'll always take comments or questions, and if there is every a guest you'd like back for another round, shoot me a DM here. Thanks for being patient with my audio quality as I learn more about recording and editing with each episode.

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