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SS #012: Take Two with Zach Michaud

The hardest working singer/songwriter in the PNW.

31 min / Published

"Zach Michaud is a singer/songwriter's singer/songwriter. Truly a hardcore troubadour. From sad drunken ballads to sad funny ballads and everything in between because there is a lot, there is something for everyone to enjoy." - Zach's website, www.zachmichaud.com

Zach tells me all about his pythons, playing at SXSW in Austin, wandering into Canada, his unique relationship with another local musician (they're currently in therapy), and he plays my favorite song about the zombie apocalypse that lives in my head constantly. His new album should be out in April/June and it's called "The 'D' is silent".

Check out one of Zach's shows. He might show you his tattoos, play some 90's hip hop or an 80s rock tune.  In case you missed it, his website is www.zachmichaud.com and his online store is www.zachmichaudstore.com

If you're on FB, check him out, he updates often!

Zach is also playing the Hub on Friday April 14th.


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