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SS #013: Paintin' Tulips with Chloe Lively

The host of Lively Brushes, the best paint and sip event in the PNW

47 min / Published

Chloe Lively is the owner of Lively Brushes, the newest Paint and Sip business in the Skagit Valley. She is not only a successful entrepreneur but she is funny, kind and teaches art full time to kids. There are a lot of exciting things happening here on different tulip fields, but I highly recommend attending one of Chloe's paint events in the fields. I also heard there is Yoga in the fields too! Check out this website for all the information.

Check out Chloe's FB page for events!
She also has IG too.

Important clarification: Chloe's grandpa was one of 14 kids, not 11. Wow!

Also, she is also a published author and I can't believe we didn't get to that.
Her book is "The Rising Son" and it's about a lion cub learning some life lessons.
It's available on Amazon here (Included with Prime shipping!).


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