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SS #025: Heidi Herder

We chat about Life.

48 min / Published

Heidi Herder is a friend, colleague and fellow Gleaner. We chat about grief, share stories and connect. I'm incredibly grateful for her vulnerability and for allowing me that space to be vulnerable too. I hope you enjoy this episode, and if it encourages you to explore your grief in a different way that you had originally processed it, well, that's a win too. We open the episode by talking about Skagit Gleaners. Head to the website to learn more about it, or just message me and I'll take you on a tour.

Skagit Bigfoot Fest is Sept 29th and 30th. Check it out here.
Cascade Cody has his album release party at the Hub on Friday, Aug 4th. Come on out, it's going to be a fun time.
My radio show, This Song Will Change Your Life, is on Tuesdays from 6pm - 8pm. Listen on your fm dial at 90.1 if you're upriver, or listen live around the world at KSVU.org

Love my intro song? Check out Clay Work. He is incredibly talented. He also hosts Trivia at Lyman Tavern on Tuesdays, and at District Brewing on Wednesdays. 

Send me a message through our IG account: Skagit Storytellers. If you have a question, maybe I'll answer it in my intro, or if you have a comment, maybe I'll mention that too.

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