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Super Bowl Predictive Programming / Cognitive Tests / Kamala

Cognitive Testing

Season 2, episode 5
43 min / Published

In this podcast episode, with Johnny V, PB and Producer J they engage in a lively discussion on a range of topics including the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift's recent appearances, and political commentary on figures like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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Discussion about the Super Bowl and Taylor Swift's appearances.

Discussion about Taylor Swift's influence on the presidential election.

Observations about the ad frequency and cost of featuring Taylor Swift.

Discussion about the media's role in dividing the country and Taylor Swift's association with a controversial figure.

Nostalgic conversation about the Atlanta Braves.

Discussion about the deaths of public figures, including Carl Weathers.

Conversation about Joe Biden and potential legal issues.

Discussion about concerns regarding Joe Biden's age and his potential replacement by Kamala Harris.

Media's criticism of Joe Biden's age and potential impact on the presidential election.

Discussion about Joe Biden's recent statements and cognitive abilities.

Cognitive Test Discussion (00:13:43)
Discussion about a cognitive test, including questions and responses.

Political Figures (00:14:00)
References to Joe Biden and discussions about his cognitive test, as well as mentions of "big mike" and preparations for the presidency.

Wedding Officiation and Presidential Speculation (00:14:53)
Mentions of officiating a wedding, speculation about the first gay and woman president, and references to Michelle Obama.

Distraction and Forgetfulness (00:16:07)
Discussions on distractions, forgetfulness, and confusion, including questions related to these topics.

Meeting New People and Intentionality (00:20:02)
Conversations about meeting new people, intentional relationships, and dedication to being more intentional about relationships.

Insults and Temper (00:23:23)
Discussion about making insults and losing temper, including personal anecdotes and jokes about redheads.

Big Thick Freckled People (00:25:19)
Discussion about people with thick freckles and their appearance in the sun.

Emails and Getting Lost (00:25:56)
Conversation about checking emails and getting lost while driving.

Forgetting Items and Hugs (00:26:09)
Discussion about forgetting items and the experience of not getting hugs as a kid.

Hiding Items and Sleight of Hand Tricks (00:27:28)
Conversation about someone possibly hiding items and playing tricks.

Misusing Words and Deciding Where to Eat (00:27:36)
Discussion about misusing words and the difficulty of deciding where to eat.

Forgetting Names and Daydreaming (00:28:33)
Conversation about forgetting names and daydreaming during meetings.

Remembering Specific Words (00:29:37)
Discussion about trying to remember specific words and the experience of forgetting them.

Dropping Things and Picking Them Up (00:30:31)
Conversation about dropping things and having difficulty picking them up.

Father God and Political Discussions (00:31:11)
Discussion about prayers and political figures like Biden and Obama.

Replacing Joe Biden with Michelle Obama (00:35:44)
Conversation about the plan to replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama in the Democratic nomination.

Flat Earth Episode Feedback (00:36:38)
Brief mention of the lack of feedback on the flat earth episode and its popularity.

The Super Bowl and Predictive Programming (00:37:21)
Discussion about the Super Bowl commercials featuring predictive programming of aliens and apocalyptic themes.

Watching Scary Movies (00:38:39)
Conversation about watching scary movies, including "The Mist" and "Quarantine," and the experience of being scared.

AI and Beyoncé's Ad (00:40:33)
Talk about the prevalence of AI-related content in the Super Bowl commercials, including Beyoncé's ad featuring a robot clone.

Tracking Gadgets and Data Privacy (00:41:23)
Discussion about tracking devices for golf clubs, data privacy concerns, and the influence of companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and Teemu.

Closing Remarks (00:42:43)
Humorous closing remarks and the end of the podcast episode.

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Johnny V
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