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Superhero Dysfunction (pt. 1) and First Drafts

Or, the main six Avengers should have never left Stark Tower

Season 1, episode 5
1 hr 21 min / Published

Or, the main six Avengers should have never left Stark Tower.

This week, Jillian and Luciana talk about the wonderful world of the Avengers and come to the conclusion that the world was better when they were all living in Stark Tower like the fanfictions said.... Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff deserved better. Also, they discuss writing and coping with first drafts.

(Note: It's okay to love fictional characters. It's also okay to make your entire adolescence about a fictional character, despite what your parents and peers say.)

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Jillian Bevilacqua
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Playwrights and Playwrongs
A podcast by Jillian and Luciana
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