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Take back your joy | with Nicole Jacobsmeyer

Summer Inspirations | Gospel Spice and David C Cook with Esther Press

Season 9, episode 165
54 min / Published

Stephanie welcomes like-minded soul sister Nicole Jacobsmeyer for a raw, deep conversation about pain, suffering, God’s role in it, and ours. Though they just met over this conversation, they clicked in deep ways. Throughout a decade of trials—from assault and depression to miscarriage and cancer— Nicole Jacobsmeyer really began to wonder: Is God giving me more than I can handle?

Nicole's books is indirectly a powerful answer to the problem of evil and suffering in the world. While it is not a book for Christian apologetics, stephanie highly recommends it for anyone who seeks to answer these questions for themselves or for a loved one.

In Take Back Your Joy, Nicole shares her story of questioning God - but falling more in love with Him than ever. Without sugarcoating her own struggles or yours, she equips you in your darkest moments to:

·      Embrace a clear sense of purpose.

·      Stay grounded in God’s Word.

·      Serve others with gratitude.

·      Choose forgiveness—again and again.

·      Discover the freedom of giving up control…and more!

Nicole says, “We are not defined by the trials we face, and you are not alone in your suffering, doubts, and questions. I’ve been there. Take Back Your Joy invites you to see your life through a fresh lens as you glimpse the big picture of God’s work. Because I honestly believe that sometimes one of the greatest gifts is to have more than we can handle—so we can find a deeper joy in Christ who can handle it all.”

Nicole wrote this book for you if...

You’re wondering where is God in your pain

You’re struggling to find hope and joy

You’re questioning your faith

You’ve experienced deep pain and suffering that doesn’t make sense with what you read in the Bible

You’ve lost your sense of purpose in life

So join Stephanie and Nicole today for a hard but powerful conversation about God’s sovereignty in our trials.


Hi! I’m Nicole and I am so happy you found my little space on the internet. Make sure you find me on Instagram or drop a comment here so I can get to know you!

A little bit about me…

Besides my relationship with Christ, the most important people in my life are: my husband Andrew, my three sons Wesley, Reid and Nate, and our newest bundle of love, Maddie! I love people, comfy clothes, chocolate chips cookies, babies in diapers, watching my kids play sports, writing, and a good glass of red wine.

Since becoming a mom almost 8 years ago, my life mantra has been: Embrace the Chaos! With a husband in the medical field, four kids under 8, and lots of moves in between, I needed an outlet to write. The Embracing Chaos blog was started in 2016. Four years later, I launched nicolejacobsmeyer.com as my author hub.

When it comes to ministry outside of the home, I have a passion for helping women walk in victory, joy, and faith in the face of trials, sorrow, and suffering. I want to help women understand that God is good no matter what life brings and that it’s possible to find lasting joy in Him.

In other HUGE news, my first book is coming out October 4th, 2022, and I’d LOVE to have you be a part of the launch team. Stay tuned!





This conversation is part of 3-episode Gospel Spice Summer Inspirations with partner David C Cook. Go to https://davidccook.org/ and https://davidccook.org/esther-press/ for more


We invite you to check out the first episode of each of our series, and decide which one you will want to start with.

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God's glory, our delight 


We invite you to enjoy a Christ-centered summer by experiencing Jesus through the lens of the body of Christ. We bring you a diversity of viewpoints on several issues, and invite you to discover Jesus through their own journey with Him.

Our Summer series invite you to ponder important topics for daily living. Stephanie and her occasional guests tell us about the importance of our definition of success, the key elements of leadership roles, the traps of comparison, the importance of theology, and much more! These stand-along episodes are meant to encourage you and challenge you to experience deeper fruitfulness in your various roles and ministries, in all the relationships and areas of your life. The topics we discuss are eternal and apply to both genders, across time and space and culture and age. So, join us for deep conversations with inspiring Christ-followers, conversations that will flavor your summer with the Gospel.

Conversations about culture, leadership, success, dating, gender, and struggles with comparison, pride, and more: that is your Gospel Spice summer!

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