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The 3 testaments of real growth

25 years of lessons in 25 minutes.

Episode 8
25 min / Published

You don't start because you are scared. But 10 years later, you'll regret not taking a chance on yourself. Because you've a special purpose–To make the world a better place. And to give you that motivation to start today, we brought on Dave Savage, Co-Founder of Mortgage Coach and an ambitious entrepreneur who won in life by doing the right things. Join us as we learn the exact steps Dave took to be successful. And know this. It's never too late to give yourself a chance.

  • real estate journey and tip
  • real estate industry trends and insights
  • real estate investing for beginners
  • real estate marketing strategies
  • real estate mentorship and coaching Real estate
  • Real estate entrepreneurship
  • career change
  • real estate investing
  • success stories
  • entrepreneurship
  • overcoming fear
  • finding purpose
  • motivation
  • doing the right things
  • personal growth
  • mortgage industry
  • taking chances.
Give Yourself a Chance Podcast
A podcast by Sosimo Avila
From the Desk of Successful Minds

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