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The Healing Power of Exploration

Season 2, episode 8
29 min / Published

In this episode of the "Alternative Healers Coffee" chat, host Janel Mulligan reflects on her recent trip to Ireland, detailing how the experience has profoundly influenced her personal growth and insights. Janel discusses the initial stress she faced due to a missed episode and her deliberate choice not to create a hurried replacement. She delves into the lessons she derived from the challenges and moments of her trip, underscoring how travel, exploration, and stepping beyond comfort zones can yield healing and transformation. The significance of diverse perspectives is highlighted, as she acknowledges the role of unique life experiences in shaping viewpoints. The episode also explores Janel's journey of self-discovery, emphasizing her rediscovery and embrace of psychic abilities that she had previously suppressed.

Janel emphasizes the importance of giving oneself grace and finding equilibrium in group settings, allowing authentic self-expression. She narrates her encounters with various individuals during her journey, showcasing how these interactions have broadened her horizons and encouraged her to foster personal and spiritual growth. The conversation delves into tapping into dormant skills and abilities through unstructured exploration, suggesting that stepping away from packed schedules can be empowering. Janel encourages listeners to venture beyond their comfort zones, relying on their body's sensations to guide their choices.

She shares an exercise that involves associating positive and negative affirmations with bodily responses, aiding listeners in better understanding their intuitive signals. The host's journey of transformation is emphasized, highlighting how embracing new experiences, perspectives, and encounters can lead to personal enrichment. The episode concludes with an invitation for listeners to embark on their own journeys of growth and self-discovery, urging them to explore uncharted territories and embrace the power of change.

  • personalgrowth
  • journeytohealing
  • healingjourney
  • embracechange
  • traveltransforms
  • steppingbeyond
  • exploreexpandevolve
  • authenticexploration
  • dormantabilities
  • trustyourintuition
  • embracenewexperiences
  • healingthroughtravel
  • unlockingpotential
  • selfdiscoveryjourney
  • positiveaffirmations
  • bodysensations
  • expandyour horizons
  • empowermentthroughexploration
  • uncoverhiddenskills
  • outsideyourcomfortzone
  • invitationtogrow
  • embracethejourney
  • spiritualjourney
  • spiritualgrowth
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The Alternative Healers Coffee Chat
A podcast by Janel M.
Meet healers and helpers from different modalities that expand awareness, create community, find support and inspiration to empower you on your healing journey.
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