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The Leader of Cannabis Intelligence ft. ArcView Consulting

Season 1, episode 53
44 min / Published

In this episode, Bryan Fields @bryanfields24 and Kellan Finney @Kellan_Finney sit down with Jake Kuczeruk, Vice President Of Business Development of ArcView Group, to discuss:

  • ArcView’s role in the cannabis space
  • Why ArcView’s research has been so crucial to the industry
  • The timeline for the next wave of large scale mergers and acquisitions
  • Which space is Jake most bullish on
  • What kind of financial investment it takes to start a cannabis company
  • How Cookies built a  prominent lifestyle brand
  • Which A-list influencer will release the next cannabinoid brand


The Arcview Group is a vertically integrated company servicing the cannabis and hemp industry, built with social justice and responsibility at its core. Arcview has been a trusted global leader for over ten years, providing a broad spectrum of programs and services for:

IG: arcviewgroup

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