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The Psychology of Investing

Wall Street hacks for early retirement.

Episode 9
23 min / Published

I wish I saw this podcast when I was 20, it would have saved me 2x of the time to took to reach financial independence. Today's episode of the "Give Yourself a Chance" podcast will be marked as the crucial one for everyone who wants to make money work for them. Along with Dane Streeter, a financial advisor winning clients lifetime success and making some regret because they didn't take his advice, we discuss the blueprint for everything investment. Join me and my friend Minh to understand how investing is being leveraged by Wall Street experts to build wealth.

  • Financial independence
  • financial advisor
  • wealth management
  • investing
  • investment strategies
  • Wall Street
  • portfolio diversification
  • long-term investments
  • short-term investments
  • passive income
  • building wealth
  • financial planning
  • personal finance
  • retirement planning
  • investment blueprints
  • money management
  • financial literacy
  • risk management
  • ifetime success
  • aking chances
Give Yourself a Chance Podcast
A podcast by Sosimo Avila
From the Desk of Successful Minds

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