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The secret life of influencers

Ugly truths they don't want you to know

Episode 10
19 min / Published

You can't hustle your way into success. Not unless you look at the damage life has caused you because of some grossly unfair events. Today's episode of the "Give Yourself a Chance" podcast is for you if you dream of a life you genuinely love. If you are ready to defy the odds and come out at the top as a winner. Join Minh and me as we dive into the real story of the famous “Tax Coach” Influencer Barbara Schreihans. From a criminal justice major to living a life full of gratitude, happiness, and financial security - Barbara was here to show the real path to long-term success. So grab a cup of coffee and get your headphones on.

  • Success stories
  • Overcoming unfair events
  • Dream life
  • Defying the odds
  • Top as a winner
  • Tax Coach Barbara Schreihans
  • Financial security
  • Influencer secret
  • Truths behind influencers
  • Long-term success strategieS
  • Life transformation journey
  • Pursuing your passions
  • unveiling the influencer lifestyle
  • Finding fulfillment and purpose
  • self-improvement
  • growth mindest
Give Yourself a Chance Podcast
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