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The Truth About Fear

This little four letter word packs a big punch.

Season 2, episode 6
33 min / Published

It is the one year anniversary of the About Healing Podcast! Before we get started in this episode, Sheree thanks everyone for being on this amazing ride with her. Moving on in episode 6, Sheree starts digging into fear. Fear is a paralyzing ego-based emotion that often keeps us from healing and living our best lives. Where does it come from? And what can you do to overcome it? Listen in to find out and don't forget to check the show notes for a summary of the show. 

Show notes

Stop Fueling Fear - We feed fear by believing and expecting the same experience again.  We begin to make the past experience(s) the expectation instead of the exception. 

Recognize Fear - Pay attention to your fear and ask why you are afraid.  Is it from something you experienced?  Is it inherited from someone else?  Or is it the unknown or change you fear? You cannot begin to take your power back if you do not know its true source.

Remove Power from Fear - Take the power from fear by: 

Learning about your fear - if your fear is irrational and you do not know why it exists then maybe all you need is to learn about it.  Often the more you understand something the less reason you have to fear it at all.

Healing it - most fears come from our own unresolved traumas.  It may be time to begin self-healing or find a therapist to help you through it.

Braving it and doing it - sometimes facing your fear is the only way through it.  I have found that the anticipation or ‘expectations’ are so much worse than the actual thing you fear.  I never understood my fear of heights, climbing 3 steps on a ladder made me shudder and shake, so I decided to rip the bandaid off and go skydiving… Yup, quite extreme.  Letting go of the plane was THE hardest part.  It was one of the best things I ever did for myself. 


“We WILL fail, we will lose, we will get hurt, we will be laughed at and we will die… these are definite and are part of the human experience.  However, it is your CHOICE to get back up, to not be defeated, to take your power back and stop fearing or fighting what cannot be controlled and decide to thrive!” - Sheree Buckman

"Get out of your own way, ditch the fear and doubt, and absolutely own your magic and power." - unknown

Thank you for listening.  May you take with you what feels right for you and leave what doesn’t.

With love and gratitude I wish you healing and light.  Until next time, take care of yourself.

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