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Theodora, Sex is just and Act

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The history of women is dark, it is clouded by the minds and portents of men and their unjustified patriarchy for the entirety of human kind. Some listening may point out matriarchal societies in the past, Say hey but these things exist, these miniscule opportunities to women outside of the modern world existed.

Yup, but any real historian of women understands that they moved the world, usually in unseen fashion. At the sides of great men, there they are women. They; the  light in the shadow filtering the words of men destined to be heard throughout the world. I want to seek these opportunities that women have taken and generated waves that can still be felt today.

Out topic today is none other Theodora,  Theodora (theou dôron in Greek) means “gift of God”.  I know I usually want to take women who were not royalty and highlight them, but Theodora is worth accentuating her role. From humble beginnings we have the empress Theodora the savior of Byzantium and Constantinople.

One of the reasons I chose Theodora is that she seems to me a woman in my mind the modern sense of one. Independant, intelligent, shrewd, and compassionate. Theodora embodies so much we love in a story, the underdog, the beauty, darkness and light good and bad you get the fucking idea. A self made woman who conquered and empire in an age when women did very little.

The two main sources I used are the books Theodora Empress of Byzantium and Theodora Actress, Empress, Saint

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