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Time Travel / Biblical Mysteries / Space

Is Time Travel Possible According to Biblical Stories?

Season 2, episode 9
40 min / Published

In this podcast episode, the hosts, PB and Johnny V engage in a wide-ranging discussion that spans from the flat earth theory to space exploration, and biblical narratives. They delve into the intricacies of time travel, ponder the story of Moses and Elijah, and consider the historical and spiritual significance of the moon landings. The conversation is casual yet curious, as they explore the intersection of science and spirituality, including the concept of a stargate and Moses' posthumous entry into the promised land. The episode is characterized by a sense of wonder and a desire to understand the unknown. We miss Producer J.

Show notes

Chapters / Timestamps

Popularity of Previous Episodes (00:00:25)
Discussion about the popularity of recent episodes and the topics that have resonated with the audience.

Flat Earth Theory (00:01:22)
Debate on the flat earth theory and the hosts' opinions on the topic.

Space Exploration and Moon Landing (00:02:27)
Conversation about space missions, moon landings, and the possibility of faking moon footage.

Time Travel (00:04:57)
Exploration of the concept of time travel and its potential existence.

Biblical Stories and Figures (00:08:31)
Discussion about biblical stories, including the encounter of Jesus and the disciples with Moses and Elijah.

Moses' Death and Disappearance (00:14:24)
Conversation about the mysterious circumstances surrounding Moses' death and the fate of his body.

Moses and Elijah Appear (00:15:30)
Discusses the significance of Moses and Elijah appearing to the disciples and their representation in biblical prophecy.

The Fight Over Moses' Body (00:17:17)
Explores the possible reasons for the dispute between Michael and Satan over the body of Moses, including the potential for deception and worship.

The Angel of the Lord (00:21:32)
Examines the distinction between the "angel of the Lord" and "the angel of God," highlighting the significance of the angel's appearances in the Old Testament.

Melchizedek and Christ (00:22:55)
Explores the biblical figure of Melchizedek as a foreshadowing of Christ and his role as a priest before the Levitical priesthood.

The Power of Jesus' Name (00:27:01)
Discusses the power and significance of Jesus' name, emphasizing the importance of using it from the heart.

Mount Sinai Discovery (00:30:29)
Reveals the exploration and discovery of the potential true location of Mount Sinai, challenging traditional archaeological beliefs.

The real Mount Sinai (00:31:40)
Discussion about a real-life adventure exploring biblical sites, including caves, underwater locations, and a land bridge.

Time travel and Kate Middleton (00:33:08)
Speculation about time travel and a discussion about the disappearance of Kate Middleton and the possibility of body doubles.

Conspiracy theories and biblical stories (00:35:24)
Conversation about conspiracy theories involving political figures and a discussion about biblical stories, including Melchizedek and the Levites.

Acoustics in cathedrals (00:38:29)
Reflection on the acoustics in cathedrals and the experience of singing in Saint Anne's Cathedral in Israel.

The show team
PB -
PB -
Johnny V
Johnny V
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