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Time Travel / Urban Legends / Mysteries

Time Travel and Fast Food: A Recipe for UFOs

Season 2, episode 10
37 min / Published

In this podcast episode, Johnny V, PB and Producer J have a wide-ranging conversation that covers time travel, science fiction's influence on technology, urban legends, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. They reminisce, joke, and debate about various topics, including a monk's device for viewing the past and the idea of changing historical events through time travel. The group also discusses the theory of time dilation, the simplicity of 1950s California, and a fake town used by the US Air Force for secret research. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with a promise to delve deeper into a UFO sighting in the next installment.

Show notes

Chapters / timestamps

The boys are back (00:00:31)
A lighthearted discussion about the return of the podcast hosts and their attempts to contact each other.

Entrepreneurship or ADD? (00:02:27)
The hosts discuss their entrepreneurial ventures and question whether their behavior is due to entrepreneurship or attention deficit disorder.

Anime and Fast Food (00:03:30)
Conversations about anime, fast food, and the influence of Japanese culture on global brands.

Innocent Childhood Stories (00:06:48)
A nostalgic recount of innocent childhood experiences and misconceptions about adult relationships.

Lesbian Neighbors (00:07:49)
Anecdotes about childhood neighbors and the hosts' realization of their neighbors' relationship.

Kate Middleton and Pete Davidson (00:11:06)
Speculation about the personal life of Kate Middleton and her rumored relationship with Pete Davidson.

The Coronavirus and Time Travel (00:15:22)
Discussion about a monk's claim to have created a device for viewing past events and the hosts' views on time travel and strange historical artifacts.

The theory of time moving differently (00:22:12)
Discussion on time perception relative to speed and astronaut Scott Kelly's aging in orbit.

Sci-fi theories and technologies (00:23:15)
Conversations on wormholes, black holes, string theory, and the influence of sci-fi movies on modern technology.

Influence of movies on future technologies (00:24:26)
Discussion on how movies influence real-life technology development and the impact of movie predictions.

Time travel preferences (00:25:25)
Debate on whether to travel to the past or future, with considerations of potential changes and knowledge.

Imagining a visit to the past (00:26:46)
Thoughts on the challenges of explaining modern technology to people in the 1700s.

Predictions about the future (00:28:08)
Reflections on the difficulty of convincing past generations about current living standards and technological advancements.

Discussion on potential time travel limitations (00:29:33)
Considerations about potential restrictions on time travel related to religious beliefs and the concept of the rapture.

Historical property and urban legends (00:30:47)
Anecdotes about missed opportunities related to beach property and the creation of a phony town for secret research.

Conspiracy theories and secret government projects (00:31:15)
Conversations about secret government projects, underground facilities, and the purpose of the Pratt Whitney town.

Revelation of a secret government project (00:32:56)
Revelation about a phony town created to hide secret research on liquid hydrogen as a fuel.

Discussion on sci-fi movies and alien sightings (00:35:16)
Reflections on the impact of sci-fi movies, predictions, and a revelation about an alien sighting.

Cliffhanger about an alien sighting (00:37:23)
Excitement about a real alien sighting and anticipation for the next episode to discuss the details.

The show team
Johnny V
Johnny V
PB -
PB -
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