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TRANSparency / Royal Fam / Port-a-Potty

Discussing Podcast Ratings, Transgender Awareness Day, and the Latest Celebrity Scandals

Season 2, episode 12
47 min / Published

In this eclectic podcast episode, the hosts and producer, including Johnny V, PB & J engage in a wide-ranging conversation. They touch upon the importance of podcast ratings and acknowledge Easter/Transgender Awareness Day. The discussion also veers into celebrity territory, covering the royal family, P. Diddy, and the serious issues of sex trafficking. Personal anecdotes are shared as well, with a mention of a golf game and a notable apology for an accidental incident. The episode also includes updates on public figures Amanda Bynes and Corey Feldman.

Show notes

Chapters / Timestamps

Podcast Ratings (00:00:32) Discussion about receiving a two-star rating on the podcast and speculation about the reasons behind it.

Transgender Awareness Day (00:01:47) Mention of the coincidence of Easter and Transgender Day of Visibility, with a discussion about the name and significance of the day.

Royal Family Apology (00:03:30) An apology and retraction issued regarding comments made about a member of the royal family and a discussion about potential consequences.

P. Diddy and Epstein (00:06:04) Discussion about P. Diddy's controversial behavior and comparisons to the Epstein case, with speculation about his whereabouts.

Sex Trafficking and Katt Williams (00:07:47) Discussion about sex trafficking allegations and the potential involvement of other celebrities, including Katt Williams.

Amanda Bynes (00:10:52) Conversation about Amanda Bynes' recent appearance and speculation about her future.

Golf Game and Apology (00:11:35) Mention of a golf game and an apology for accidentally hitting a baby while hugging.

Corey Feldman (00:12:33) Discussion about Corey Feldman's recent activities, including his intentions to expose the entertainment industry.

Macaulay Culkin's Band (00:14:22) Discussion about Macaulay Culkin's band and his friendship with Michael Jackson.

Epstein's Autopsy Doubts (00:17:02) Speculation about Jeffrey Epstein's death and doubts regarding the autopsy.

Elvis and Tupac Alive? (00:18:24) Discussion about the possibility of Elvis and Tupac still being alive, with comparisons to look-alikes.

Living Off-Grid (00:20:03) Conversation about the desire to live off-grid and the challenges of living in remote areas.

Bridge Collapse and Sabotage (00:25:19) Speculation about potential sabotage in the collapse of a bridge and related incidents.

The eclipse distraction (00:28:18) Discussion about the upcoming eclipse and its potential distractions and conspiracy theories.

Signs of Noah and Rapture (00:30:11) Talk about the eclipse's significance, intersecting with specific towns and its potential connection to biblical events.

National Guard deployment (00:35:37) Concerns about the deployment of the National Guard and hazmat suits for the eclipse, with mention of potential overtaxed resources.

FEMA camps and re-education (00:38:44) Conversations about makeshift concentration camps, FEMA sites, and re-education camps related to COVID-19 and potential future events.

Porta John horror (00:42:03) Humorous anecdote about sanitation issues during a previous event, including the extreme condition of portable toilets.

Porta Potty Woes (00:42:34) Discussion about the challenges of using porta potties during military training.

Marine Corps Stories (00:44:24) Sharing experiences of outdoor bathroom incidents and challenges in the military.

Humid Heat and Swampy City (00:46:17) Conversations about the hot and humid weather in Washington, D.C., and the city's swampy nature.

Podcast Sign-off (00:47:04) Closing remarks and encouragement to tune in for the next episode.

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Johnny V
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