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Trauma Affects Your Bottom Line! Be Trauma Informed with Amee Quiriconi

Corporate Culture Matters! What Does Trauma Informed Mean and Why is it Vital for Success?

Season 1, episode 5
25 min / Published

Does trauma affect you? Even if you have never experienced a traumatic event in your life, the prevalence of trauma in our society means that trauma affects all of us.

In this episode, guest, and host of One Broken Mom, Amee Quiriconi, discusses the prevalence of trauma in our society, the effects that trauma has on an individual, and the importance of a creating a trauma-informed workplace.

Citing personal examples and scientific research Amee discusses and how trauma can affect an individual not only in their personal lives but in their professional lives as well. Join me to find out why creating a trauma informed workplace is essential for success.

Guest Bio:

Amee is an entrepreneur, business consultant, coach, podcaster, and author. 
She became the host of the One Broken Mom podcast and an advocate for mental health, self-improvement, and parenting out of despair that turned to outrage. This in turn rekindled her activist nature and my sense of purpose to help people.

Now Amee is a leadership and business coach because she is committed to helping people see the connections between their professional lives with the quality of their histories because they are linked. But most importantly, she wants people to see the heavy role work plays in the quality of all our lives in the here and now.  Amee is on a mission to transform our communities and lives through our workplaces and cultures.

Time Stamps:

Amee’s journey (1:34)

Trauma and its Effect on the Brain [6:14]

Infiltrating the Business world with Mental Health [7:30]

Big T little t Traumas defined (8:34)

Trauma and its Effect on our Health – Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey ACES (10:03)

The Importance of Trauma Informed Workplaces (11:12)

Trauma and it’s Effect on Success – Self Worth (13:14)

Trauma and its Effect on Success – Communication (14:49)

Trauma and its Effect on Success – Boundaries (15:56)

Where to find Amee Quiriconi (17:38)

How Trauma Affects Communication for Veronika (20:05)

Amee’s Challenge to all Business Leaders- What is Your Legacy (22:17)

Connect with Amee Quiriconi:







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