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What is wisdom? How do we grow in it?

A Christocentric approach to the Book of Proverbs: wisdom from above the sun.

Season 4, episode 81
43 min / Published

Episode 81 -- Welcome to our new Gospel Spice season in the Book of Proverbs.

Stephanie hopes to provice a Christocentric approach to the Book of Proverbs as "wisdom from above the sun." If you are NEW to Gospel Spice, we invite you to discover us at gospelspice.com. Stephanie teaches about 2/3 of the time here, and then has amazing guests for the rest of our time! For example she recently welcomed Liz Curtis Higgs and Geof Morin to celebrate Easter. And now, we are back to our usual rhythm with our new Proverbs series. Expect amazing guests every third week! 

For this series, Stephanie will start each episode by introducing you to a fictional character... but they may hit close to home! They will embody a value or trait that will be the focus of the episode. We will meet eight characters, and they will teach much about wisdom... or the lack thereof!

Stephanie is offering a FREE listening guide to this episode. You will find it in the shownotes to print or follow along!

Today, we will seek to understand what is wisdom by first looking at what it is not. What does Proverbs tell us about the "simple"? The "foolish"? The "wicked"? Who are they, how are they the same and different, and what can we learn from them... to avoid becoming like them?

We will ponder "wisdom under the sun" as Solomon touts in Ecclesiastes; and then realize that, through Christ, we are given access to the wisdom that is from above the sun--the only one that will truly carry us through life.

We will look at the wisdom of the world, and contrast it with the wisdom of Christ. How does Jesus complete the wisdom of Proverbs?

We will ponder the lessons from the lives of the authors and compilers of the Book of Proverbs. What do they teach us? How did their walk match their talk? Who inspired them? 

How does our theology influence our experience of Proverbs... and vice-versa?

Stephanie challenges us to ponder these nuggets of wisdom in Christ:

Wisdom is genius. 

Humility is heroic.

Faith is daring.

Love is extravagant.

And, surrender to God is true boldness.

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Show notes

LISTENING GUIDE TO EPISODE 81 (you will find a downloadable .PDF as well)


What is wisdom?


Wisdom is applying ___________ to ___________ well what really ___________.

Wisdom is choosing ___________ every time.


Alternatives to wisdom

1-The ___________                   2-The ___________                  3-The ___________





Path to wisdom


Wisdom is first ___________ the ways of the ___________.

When the ___________ becomes your ___________ and does not seem to threaten your ___________ with ___________, it becomes difficult to ___________ to your ___________.


Is it even possible?

Colossians 3:1-3

Apart from ___________ we can do ___________; with Him ___________ is ___________.

1 John 2:1-6


Wisdom is unlearning the ___________ ___________ to acquire ___________ (= to see ___________ the way ___________ does).


Proverbs: the ___________ vs. ___________



Authors of Proverbs

King Lemu-El: “___________ to God” (Prov 31:1-9)






“My son”



Proverbs is the Old Testament ___________ to ___________.


Three Keys to wisdom

1-     You have to ___________ it.



2-   It is rooted in a ___________ ___________ of ___________.



3-   Wisdom is a God-breathed  ___________.


Proverbs 3:5-6

Wisdom is ___________; Humility is ___________;

Faith is ___________; Love is ___________;

Surrender to God is true ___________.



Answer key: knowledge – judge – matters – God – Simple – Fool – Wicked – unlearning – world – world – friend – belief – persecution – cling – faith – Christ – nothing – nothing – impossible – world’s values – humility – everyone – God – world – Christ – belonging – roadmap – Christlikeness – want – true view – God – process - genius - heroic – daring – extravagant – boldness.

Introduction to Proverbs - Gospel Spice Life.pdf

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