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What Mistakes do Untrained Sales People Make Repeatedly? Guest Tommy Ady Shares Insight from the Auto Industry. Episode #50

40 min / Published

Sales trainer Tommy Ady shares why sales training is one of the key ingredients to a successful auto dealership. He also reveals the common mistakes made by untrained employees and why effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are essential for growing sales. Finally, he shares the surprising data about how many interactions with a prospective customer it takes before they’ll buy a product. Tommy’s website - https://tommyady.com/ Topics Discussed: Introduction – 0:01 Tommy’s industry background – 1:11 How does Tommy help powersports dealerships? – 5:00 How to lower a customer’s guard when making the first sales approach – 6:25 Why making sales is all about making a connection – 7:55 What happens during the initial process of buying and setting up a dealership? – 11:15 What does Tommy’s sales training involve? – 13:35 Why it’s imperative that sales staff go out and grab their customers, rather than wait for them to show up -  19:00 How do dealerships in remote locations reach out and connect with potential customers? – 21:30 How many times does a salesperson need to speak to a lead before they convert into a buying customer? – 28:31 Why dealerships across the country are now investing heavily in CRM systems – 31:50 How a “small and often” time commitment approach to sales training can dramatically improve the sales performance of staff – 34:00 What goes into modern-day powersports dealership sales training? – 35:15 Tommy’s Details – 40:35    

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