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"What not to post as a brand on social media" - Geoff Faber from Syatt Media (Part 2 of 2)

This week, I'm deep in discussion with Geoff Faber, a Digital Marketing Specialist for Syatt Media.

Season 1, episode 3
25 min / Published

Lots of valuable tips in this interview with Geoff, who works as a Digital Marketing Specialist at digital agency, Syatt Media.

If you missed part 1, go check it out first for Geoff's tips on where to be (and where not to be) on social media, how to adapt content to each social  channel, strategies to try out on TikTok for businesses, social media reporting for different clients depending on their business objectives and not forgetting some of the key metrics he turns to for performance tracking on Instagram!

In part 2, we chat about:

A great Facebook ads project Geoff worked on with some surprising results

A social media flop that he dealt with

What not to post as a brand on social media

An educated theory on how the Instagram algorithm works

Where he gets all of his content inspiration for his clients' Instagram feeds



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