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When Company Presidents Fail to Solve Bickering Between Sales & Marketing

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I used to believe that conflicts between sales and marketing were so much trash talk between competing team mates.  When confronted with the question of which blade of the scissors is most effective it is obvious that one can’t do the job without the other. 
Leadership has its responsibilities to minimize conflict within the company for the benefit of the investors and the bottom line.  That the issue between sales and marketing has been allowed to fester can only be laid at the doorstep of the company president.   
If the presidents didn’t get a grounding in sales or marketing early in their careers, they are forever avoiding the nonsense that their sales and marketing managers perpetuate as they point fingers at each other because of failed revenue attainment.
In this interview with Patrick Morrissey, General Manager of Overland Altify, we discuss how Patrick has solved this issue to get sales, marketing, and customer service to work together.   His approach may surprise you.
About Patrick Morrissey
Patrick Morrissey is the General Manager at Overland Altify, responsible for all operating aspects of the company.  Prior to becoming the GM Patrick was the CMO for Altify.  Morrissey is also the host of Revenue Optimization Radio sponsored by Overland Altify.
Prior to joining Altify, he was CRO of Simpplr, and has held multiple executive positions in sales and marketing at Salesforce, DataSift, Savvion and Business Objects. 
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